150106 _114_Ariel Show-Final
150106 _359_Ariel Show-Final 650
150106 _139_Ariel Show650
150106 _480_Ariel Show-650
150106 _206_Ariel Show-revised-650
150106 _407_Ariel Show650
150106 _432_Ariel ShowFinal 650
150106 _54_Ariel Show-650
150106 _458_Ariel Show-Final 650
150106 _166_Ariel Show-Final-650
150106 _245_Ariel Show-650brighter
150106 _632_Ariel Show-Edit
Kevin Emotes Ballad Vignette
Gregg head shot
150106 _91_Ariel Show-650
150106 _300_Ariel Show-Final-650
Ariel's Awesome Rhythm Section
150106 _508_Ariel Show_Final-650
150106 _236_Ariel Show-650-Final
Frosty Smile_650x400.edited-Edit
150106 _219_Ariel Show-650
150106 _66_Ariel Show-revised650
Frosty Plays His Flugelhorn
Kevan at GE Gala
569_Bride Dances

Ariel Music and Events

 delivers show-stopping live musical entertainment for
weddings and private events held in the US and resort destinations.

We work with the finest professionals in the event services industry
and have earned a well-deserved reputation for
consistent excellence in talent, creativity and service.

 Our meticulous attention to every detail,
combined with a world-class team of full-time
professional musicians and singers, DJs, entertainers and unique and
original event service providers, guarantees an unforgettable event
with non-stop dancing and fun!

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