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Weddingwire 5 star ratings Renee said…
Ariel Music was wonderful! We booked them for our July 2016 wedding at The Manor in West Orange, NJ and received so many compliments throughout the event and weeks after. We began working with the band manager, Elizabeth, about eight months before the wedding. My husband and I met while living in New Orleans, and we wanted a band that was versatile enough to play some New Orleans-style music. Ariel did not disappoint. Due to the very skilled and diverse make-up of the band,one band member had been a part of a New Orleans-style band in the past, and was instrumental in having the band learn some new songs for their repertoire. Music was a very important part of the wedding, and the band incorporated and worked with our particular choices. They adhered to the “do not play” list and I felt that they really understood my musical preferences. They also learned a song for my first dance with my husband, and played it exactly like the recording, which helped with our choreographed dance. Toward the end of the party, they had some great interactions with the guests, but not to a point that it felt like a performance. They were professional, courteous, extremely talented, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for an outstanding wedding band!

Weddingwire 5 star ratings Alexandra said…
Everyone knows a good band is crucial to the success of a wedding and I could not say kind enough words to do Ariel Music and Events’ justice. From our cocktail hour where we had more of the classics like Frank Sinatra to the last dance where everyone was getting down on the dance floor (literally – I admit my husband did request “Shout”) the band was phenomenal. Several guests who are getting married thousands of miles away wanted to see if they could have them! They kept a great energy and are extremely talented. I was especially delighted that even in between sets and during meals when most bands take a break, one of the singers continued to perform beautiful background music for us. Through and through, there’s not a single thing I found that could have been improved upon!

Weddingwire 5 star ratings Leslie said…
Ariel played at both my daughter’s 2014 wedding and my son’s wedding this September – they bring the party!

Weddingwire 5 star ratings Michael said…
Amazing talent, incredible customer service and adaptability and overall an awesome group of people to work with. Perhaps the greatest compliment we received at our May wedding was how fun the band was and how entertaining the room constantly was!

Weddingwire 5 star ratings Private User said…
I can’t say enough great things about Ariel Entertainment! They had my entire wedding party, including two 80+ year old women in wheelchairs dancing the night away-I kid you not! They were a fabulous band! I found Ariel on the Knot by just reading their rave reviews. Everyone seemed so happy with their performance, I had to find out for myself. Elizabeth was more than accommodating to my needs and my budget. She returned every phone call and e-mail in a timely manner. I even heard from her while she was on her vacation! Ariel learned my special first-dance song and my father-daughter dance song. They were open to anything I threw at them and honored all of my special requests. My wedding would not have been the same without them! Every guest commented on how the music at the wedding was wonderful! They played the perfect mix-something for all ages-and they had everyone dancing the ENTIRE wedding! They really are amazing and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great band to play at their special event.

Weddingwire 5 star ratings ACB said…
Ariel Entertainment was a fantastic band and made our wedding night special, fun and entertaining and all our guests agreed. We initially went to the band’s showcase at a restaurant and we were blown away by their sound and range of songs. Working with Elizabeth was great. She is the consummate professional and helped us in the months and weeks leading up to the big day with all the details and song selections. Everyone from Tai and Kevin to Len and the sound technicians were fantastic from beginning to end. If we had to do it all over again, Ariel would still be our first choice. Thanks again, to the entire band for putting on such a great party.

Weddingwire 5 star ratings Private User said…
We LOVED this band!!! From the minute they started playing to the last song of the night, there was nonstop dancing, and the dance floor was packed! In fact, my family loved them so much that they got Ariel’s business card to pass along to my cousin to book at her wedding! Ariel made our reception exactly what we wanted it to be–a fun, awesome party. We had the time of our lives!!

Weddingwire 5 star ratings Courtney said…
Absolutely incredible!!! I cannot explain what a difference Ariel made for our Wedding. Everyone in the band was amazing, and they even got the Grandparents dancing! I can’t imagine how hard it must be to play to such a diverse range of age groups, but these guys got it down. They looked to us for some tips on what we like/ don’t like, but for the most part they just use their experience to read the crowd. Very responsive, professional, and most of all, they ROCKED THE HOUSE!!!

Weddingwire 5 star ratings Private User said…
We loved the band from our wedding! They had a great variety of music in their repertoire and they really did a great job of putting together a lineup that appealed to different groups of our guests. Everyone was dancing all night–our friends, cousins, my parents friends, even my 92-year old grandma danced for a song or two! Price-wise we thought they were a great band for the cost…. The band was really important to us and we definitely felt that they were well worth what we paid. During and after the wedding we continued to hear great feedback about the band from our guests. Also, Elizabeth was very helpful with planning things out ahead of time as well as answering any questions we had at any point in the wedding planning process. Overall, a great performing band and great people to work with!

Weddingwire 5 star ratings Anthony said…
If you’re looking for a band to make your wedding or any other celebration one to remember this is it. From the minute the band went on our reception was rocking!! You won’t find anyone better.

Weddingwire 5 star ratings Sarah said…
We planned our wedding from across the country, never having seen or heard Ariel Music and Events, aside from the videos posted on their web site. Elizabeth was very helpful in finding former customers who would be able to share their experiences working with the band. She was also accommodating of our three-hour time difference for phone calls. A few people warned us we were taking a big gamble, not having met or had any face-to-face contact with the band prior to the day of our wedding, but if that’s the case, it paid off! We were thrilled with their performance, their willingness to learn a new song for our first dance, and their flexibility around a bizarre family tradition that involves non-professionals singing. Things got started a little late because of lost relatives, but Ariel was willing to go a little later than planned as well. We had a wonderful time and the dance floor was full the entire night. Many of our guests told us how impressed they were with the band, and some said they felt like they’d even lost weight from all the dancing! 🙂 What could be better!

Weddingwire 5 star ratings Taylor said…
One of the best things about my wedding was this band! EVERYONE was dancing all night long, we got so many compliments on them. They were dressed fabulously, the band leader, Barbara was ontop of everything and executed the night perfectly. They were interactive with the guests, even allowing my husband to join in on a few songs- which really got everyone going. All in all, amazing. I would highly suggest them for anyones wedding..they will not dissapoint!

Weddingwire 5 star ratings Private User said…
Ariel Music and Events was above and beyond great! I couldn’t have been happier with my decision to book them for my wedding. Liz is so nice and easy to work with. People were on the dance floor from the 1st song till the end of the night. People are still talking about how great of a band you were! I would highly recommend to others in search of bands for events/weddings. Katie

Weddingwire 5 star ratings Sara said…
Ariel Music was incredible!! Elizabeth was great to work with and they were able to work within our budget which was a huge plus! I also left my iPod at the hotel on the day of the wedding and Ariel Music was able to upload the music last minute and saved our dinner music as a result. One of the best moments of the night was when they did SHOUT! and now, a year later, people are still telling us how amazing the band was. They definitely made the night!

Weddingwire 5 star ratings Zoe said…
We had a 7 piece band at our wedding, they also provided ceremony piano music and classical music during the cocktail time. I did not have a wedding planner, but Liz was super helpful when it comes to planning and is very willing to help me with my budget. A month before my wedding, Liz and I had a call and I let her know what I was looking for. Right after our meeting, she wrote a detail iternary for me for the full wedding which had help me so much to explain to our parents overseas and the wedding parties. When I met with the venue, I was able to show them the run down and it made our meeting so much smoother and I feel super organized. They played all the music I mentioned and was able to add anything I would love. My guests had so much fun and it would not be the same without Ariel band. I had an afternoon wedding, but everyone including the older crowd was dance until the very end of the wedding and would not want to leave. Everything was so perfect and Liz’s team is so professional and always think for me. They also came to the floor towards the end and was able to social around the crowd, my family and friends loved it! Most importantly, I asked them if it is ok for them to learn a CHINESE song since most of my guests are overseas. THEY DID IT and the crowd loved it! I am still amazed by the band and thought it was the best money I ever spent. Thank you Liz and will recommend you to any of my friends and family!!

Weddingwire 5 star ratings Casey said…
Ariel Music was unbelievable and made our wedding amazing. Everyone was up and dancing the entire night – there was hardly any room on the dance floor! Since the wedding, everyone who attended has commented about how awesome our band was and that it’s the best band they’ve ever heard at a wedding! Elizabeth was also really helpful before the wedding in helping to plan the timeline (dance sets, speeches, cake cutting, etc). The band members have outstanding voices and musical talent – most of them a multi-talented, playing multiple instruments plus vocals, which means you get a lot of bang for your buck! I think the wedding band is the key factor in a fun wedding and you can’t go wrong with Ariel! Thank you for making my wedding the most fun night of my life!

Weddingwire 5 star ratings john said…
There is only one thing to say…Awesome!!! I have never been to a party where the entire crowd was on it’s feet dancing the entire night. Elizabeth was so professional and understanding of what we needed and delivered 110%. We are recieving notes and letters from our guests with the exact same sentimate. Do not hesitate to hire them. John B, father of the bride

Weddingwire 5 star ratings Private User said…
Ariel Music and Events was outstanding in every way. So easy to communicate with before hand, and once the night arrived, they were amazing. Their play list was perfect. The entire crowd was on the dance floor the whole time they played. The energy was fantastic, the singing amazing. Everyone is asking how we found them! We were so lucky to have them and they made it the best wedding ever!!! Wish we could attend more parties where they play!

Weddingwire 5 star ratings Private User said…
Great band, very thorough in preparations. Performers are fantastic and everybody loved the music.

Weddingwire 5 star ratings Lauren said…
were Amazing with a capital A. From the beginning, Elizabeth was super responsive and helpful. Her advise throughout was professional and spot on from the song selections to the schedule of events. On the day, the band was professional, technically perfect, and such a good good time! Not to mention that their range is so wide–what can’t they do well? They got even the biggest wallflowers out on the floor (old and young) without drowning out talking during the meal. We have received countless compliments on Ariel. They really made the evening. I wholeheartedly recommend them.

Weddingwire 5 star ratings Janet said…
I highly recommend Ariel Entertainment for your wedding. Their talent is outstanding, their set list is extensive and flexible, and they know how to get people on the dance floor and keep them there all night! Great music makes for a memorable occasion and you just can’t go wrong with Ariel. We have hired them twice now for both our sons’ weddings (one in CT, one in NY) and friends in Boston engaged Ariel for their son’s wedding having experienced Ariel’s wonderful entertainment at our first event. I’d encourage anyone looking for a very special wedding band to check out Ariel. You’ll be so glad you did!

Weddingwire 5 star ratings Cait said…
Amazing!!!! Ariel truly exceeded our expectations. They were so accommodating and made sure the reception went exactly how we wanted. They kept people dancing and made sure to work the crowd in the most perfect way. The music wasn’t too loud during dinner service and the variety they played was enjoyed by all of our guests. Our guests loved them so much, they chanted for one more song at the end of the night and the band did it!! People continue to comment how amazing Ariel was. Thank you!!!!!

Weddingwire 5 star ratings Lindsey said…
My husband and I just tied the knot May 16th at a country club outside of NYC, and the event was phenomenal, due largely to Team Ariel. They were absolutely exceptional! I cannot express our appreciation and gratitude not only for their professionalism and organization leading up to the event, but their amazing vocals and ability to play new hits as well as your typical crowd pleasers all night long. We felt comfortable and confident the entire night, knowing Ariel was in charge. They kept our guests on their feet throughout the evening. The dance floor was PACKED, which is a clear indicator of success in my book. Our guests had the time of their lives because of Ariel’s talent and preparation. We owe it to Ariel for providing an amazing evening and gave us the party we were desperately hoping for. It truly was a night to remember. They were epic and I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a fabulous band. Ariel exceeded all expectations and just blew us away. I can’t thank them enough, nor can I give them more glowing reviews. They ROCKED.

Weddingwire 5 star ratings Private User said…
Loved every moment!!! The music was phenomenal and everyone danced all night! I couldn’t have asked for a better band. Thanks so Much!

Weddingwire 5 star ratings Meaghan said…
Our wedding literally would not have been the same upbeat, never-want-to-leave party atmosphere that it was without Ariel. We had an 8-piece band and about 200 guests, and their sound and talent was absolute perfection. All of the singers sound identical to the musicians they’re covering, but the true talent of this band is their ability to read the crowd and play songs in an order that make guests never leave the dance floor. At one point, they had to stop playing because entrees had been served and no one cared! I’ve been to many weddings with GREAT bands – perfect voices and harmonizing sounds, but as I mentioned, Ariel has a knack for unexpected song selections that keep people on the dance floor all night. All that aside, Liz is a true joy to work with and their pricing is extremely reasonable for the Tri-state area based on the homework I did prior to hiring them. Five stars!

Weddingwire 5 star ratings Erica said…
Ariel was amazing from start to finish! During our planning process, Ariel accommodated all of our needs! They learned several songs that were special to us, even though they were not on their set list. Prior to the wedding, Liz called me and chatted for over an hour just to make sure the day would go perfectly. She even texted me early in the morning on our wedding day to wish us the best. Ariel had two musicians preform during our cocktail hour. They set the mood and let our guests know that they were in for a treat. As the night progressed, Ariel introduced our wedding party and us with high energy and really got the party started! They played all of our requests throughout the night and followed the timeline we had set. The mix of slow and fast songs kept the party going. The dance floor was packed all night because the band was so much fun. They fulfilled our guests requests for songs, too. Weeks later, guests are still talking about how amazing our band was! Thank you!!! You made our wedding!!

Weddingwire 5 star ratings Private User said…
Excellent band and most pleasant to work with from the planning stage to the wedding night. We could not have asked for a better entertainment group for our once-in-a-lifetime family event. We highly recommend the Ariel Music Group.

Weddingwire 5 star ratings Lisa said…
I cannot say enough about this band! Professional, entertaining, and 100% First Class all the way. They were upbeat and an absolute pleasure to work with. Elizabeth accommodated every need and request that we had, and made us feel very comfortable about how the evening would progress. Their extensive song list was everything that we had hoped for, one great tune after the next after the next. From classic oldies of Motown, to the current hits of today, they know how to read the crowd and keep everyone entertained. The only downside was not having a big enough dance floor!! They got everyone up on their feet and nobody wanted to sit down. They are worth EVERY PENNY! All the guests kept talking about after the wedding was over was “Where did you get that band?!” So happy to have found them and want to throw another party just so they can come and play!!

Weddingwire 5 star ratings Private User said…
Ariel music and events was amazing to work with! They provided beautiful ceremony and fun reception music for our September wedding in Connecticut. The band manager, Elizabeth Greene, was extremely helpful with our music selection and organizing logistics. She was also very flexible, and generously arranged for us to have a sound system set up for our outdoor ceremony the day before our wedding. The musicians are all extremely talented, and we received many compliments from our guests. Everyone had so much fun dancing the night away at our wedding! We would highly recommend Ariel to anyone in need of an amazingly talented band!

Weddingwire 5 star ratings Jacquelyn said…
Ariel was one of the best wedding decisions we made! They kept all 200 guests, energized, dancing, and happy the whole night. We had an 8-piece band and their talent and sound was perfect. They played all styles of music and really drew everyone of all ages out to the dance floor. People kept coming up to my husband and I saying how great the band sounded and how much fun they were having. Liz, was also a pleasure to work with and made sure all of our needs were met leading up to the day. Such a great band for a great price!

Weddingwire 5 star ratings Private User said…
My husband and I had hired this band to play at our wedding in the Fall of 2015. They were incredible. Hands-down, amazing. We heard the band audition a year prior to our wedding and knew immediately they were for us. The band is lively, has great energy, and an awesome variety of songs. They worked with us to provide a very customized introduction at our wedding and nailed it with out any issues. All of the guests at our wedding were on the dance floor almost the entire night because of the band; people danced the night away and had so many compliments of them. We would highly recommend this band for anyone looking for a sensational band that will get the audience involved, keep people dancing, and work with you to play all of your favorite music.

Weddingwire 5 star ratings Colleen said…
We definitely recommend Ariel Music and Events! We used them for our October 2015 wedding. They were fantastic to work with–Liz worked with us to get us the specific intros we wanted to use and all the music we wanted to be played. At the reception, Frank always approached me as the bride to make sure whatever the crazy guests were asking him was okay with me (making announcements, etc.)–loved that! We had tons of compliments from all our guests. I really love how each band member has such a unique sound that they can literally play anything and it sounds just like the real song–from pop music to Bruce Springsteen to Frank Sinatra. WONDERFUL and cant wait to see our video and hear it all over again 🙂 🙂

Weddingwire 5 star ratings DoneandDone said…
We had Ariel at our wedding last weekend and they were a blast. Their sound and music was strong and energetic. Their staff was professional. Their responsiveness from inquiry to booking to day of the wedding was exceptional. We had some weird song loop requests and they accommodated everything. They also brought a DJ to fill in some of the music the band couldn’t do and they alternated really beautifully. I would recommend this band to any and all brides/grooms wishing to have a live band at their wedding. Thanks for making our day so special 🙂

Weddingwire 5 star ratings Absolutely incredible!!!
Absolutely incredible!!! I cannot explain what a difference Ariel made for our Wedding. Everyone in the band was amazing, and they even got the Grandparents dancing! I can’t imagine how hard it must be to play to such a diverse range of age groups, but these guys got it down. They looked to us for some tips on what we like/ don’t like, but for the most part they just use their experience to read the crowd. Very responsive, professional, and most of all, they ROCKED THE HOUSE!!!

Bride: Courtney

Weddingwire 5 star ratings Ariel, a name that will forever be etched into our memories.
They vividly, emotionally, musically, and professionally captured our wedding. Ariel Music & Events was the one venue that we didn’t know of prior to our wedding. We just began our search through best bands in the area, and came across the highest rated. Upon first email Elizabeth had us hooked. Through one meeting, phone conversations, and long emails (being long distant) Elizabeth made us feel right at home and knew exactly what type of atmosphere we wanted for our wedding. They performed not only for a wedding but for a great show! We loved everything they provided for us. We felt that music is the most important key to a great party. Ariel Music & Events went above and beyond, a party we and our family/friends will never forget. I highly recommend them, and also you encourage to look at their website and question/answer site if you ever have any questions about what a group of professional musicians should be like. Thank you so much to everyone!

Bride: Claire

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsMy mother put down a deposit on Ariel based solely on hearing them play at another wedding.
My now husband and I were so nervous because we had never heard them and hadn’t even started looking into entertainment for our wedding. We signed up to attend a Ariel Event on a weeknight in February and crossed our fingers that we like them…we were relieved to find that we absolutely LOVED them. We were so impressed and entertained by the variety of music they played and all of the brilliant musicians in the bunch.
I asked the band to learn a surprise song for my walk down the aisle and they made it happen beautifully and discreetly so that my mom could be surprised. Our guests were so complimentary on the music mix and the ability to keep almost the entire wedding on the dance floor all night! Elizabeth was very flexible and very attentive during the entire process. My friends and family are still raving about it- I highly recommend Ariel to anyone planning a wedding or other large event.

Bride: Christine

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsAriel is the best wedding band out there!!
Everyone is still talking about how great they were! My dance floor was completely full all night, and Ariel did such a great job of judging the crowd and mixing up the music. Our guests ranged from 4 years old to 85 years old, and everyone danced the night away! Elizabeth Greene is extremely professional and easy to work with, and the whole band is so nice and fun. I can honestly say my wedding was the best party I’ve been to, and Ariel is definitely responsible : )

Bride: Christine

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsWe were very very pleased with Ariel Music & Events for my daughter’s wedding.
The band is highly accomplished musically and able to keep the evening lively and entertaining. It was not a wedding with people sitting around, it was a wedding in which people danced the night away. Thanks to Ariel. Prior to the event, Elizabeth gave great advice on how to organize the evening and listened carefully to the wishes of the bride and groom. The result was a FANTASTIC wedding reception. Thank you to Elizabeth and her colleagues for a wonderful, magical evening! We recommend Ariel highly and without reservation.

Bride: Kathleen

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsA live band was very important to us.
I attended quite a few bridal shows and heard many bands and DJs and none made me say, “Yes, they’re the one”. Fortunately,I discovered Ariel by visiting a prospective venue. My husband and I were sold immediately. I called my daughter expressing our excitement at our discovery and she said that she trusted our judgment. We booked Ariel on the spot.

When our daughter was in town with her fiancé we attended an Ariel showcase. It was quite difficult for us to sit still and listen to them play because each song made us want to move and get up and dance.

The planning for the wedding day was made easier for us because of Elizabeth’s professionalism and expertise. She was easy to reach by phone and email, addressing any questions and concerns we had. Elizabeth made the evening flow smoothly, introducing the bridal party, the people giving toasts, the deacon for the blessing and other significant parts during the reception.

Elizabeth learned and specially arranged an Irish ballad chosen by my daughter and her fiancé for their first dance as husband and wife. Even though many guests had never heard the song before they were moved by Elizabeth’s lovely delivery and performance of it.

The music that Ariel played made the wedding a success with all the guests no matter what their age. From the moment the bridal party was introduced to the last dance played, our guests were impressed with the versatility of the band. To various decades, ballads, oldies, pop, Motown and country songs, our guests filled the dance floor all night. We had guests in their twenties and thirties filling the dance floor to Usher’s “Yeah”, others dancing to the Beer Barrel Polka and even our ninety-two year old Aunt dancing to Friends in Low Places.

Many of our guests expressed that they thought Ariel performed many songs much better that the original artists had. We were very lucky to discover Ariel and have them play at our daughter’s wedding.

Bride: Valentina

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsWe ended up booking Ariel after my mom found them, and they exceeded our expectations in every respect.
This even though our expectations were quite high: we went to their showcase and listened to their CDs and knew that they were going to be phenomenal.

First, Elizabeth was extremely helpful throughout the planning process. She helped us figure out the schedule for the evening, made suggestions for songs for parent dances, and was extremely easy to reach by phone or e-mail.

She and the entire band not only learned a first dance song for us, but they ended up also learning new songs for both parent dances.

When it came to the evening of our wedding, they were terrific. The band has so many singers with so much talent and such great ranges. They performed everything from an Irish ballad to Motown to Adele and nailed every single number. All of our guests were up on the dance floor pretty much the entire time, and when the event was over many of them raved about the band.

It was wonderful to have a band that was so talented and so easy to work with, because it gave us the confidence to trust them with a lot of the details, which took some pressure off of us. For example, we sent them a list of songs we wanted to hear and a list of songs we really wanted to hear and that was it. The band figured out what songs to play at what time and did a great job of managing the pace of the evening.

Having Ariel at our wedding was such a wonderful experience!

Bride: Christen,

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsChoosing Ariel as our band was the best decision we made for our wedding.
All night long we had guests telling us how amazing the band sounded. They kept the party very up beat and the dance floor was packed, even with people we never expected to see dancing. The band sounded absolutely flawless. We loved everyone in the 8 piece band, particularly Kevin and Akua who have spectacular voices. Elizabeth was so extremely helpful during the planning process and calmed my nerves every time I spoke with her. We can honestly say that Ariel made our wedding the best night of our lives.

Bride: Rachel

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsAriel is a great band.
We saw them at a friend’s wedding and immediately said we wanted to use them for our wedding. Elizabeth was very easy to work with and they were able to provide all of the music we needed for our wedding. They learned a special song for our father/daughter dance and they matched the tempo for our first dance exactly to the version that we had practiced to. Everyone was up and dancing at our wedding and Ariel made it a great event.
Ariel Music and Events responded with the following comments:
Your wedding at The Rittenhouse Hotel was spectacular! You had an amazing team of professionals working together to make it so perfect. I can’t wait to see the finished video. Your videographer captured the night so beautifully. It was a pleasure to work with you to plan all the details of your wedding!

Bride: Jessica

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsHiring Ariel (as a 9 piece band) was one of the very best decisions that we made for our April wedding.
Several months before the big day, we traveled from midtown NYC to North Jersey to see them play their monthly showcase, and it only took a few songs for us to know that they would be the perfect fit for our party. Even with that preview, their performance at our wedding reception exceeded even our lofty expectations. The musicianship was outstanding and the three vocalists were incredible. As a result, the dance floor was consistently busy throughout the night, and literally dozens of guests came up to us specifically to tell us how great the band was. (We also used the keyboard player for our cocktail hour).

Beyond the performance, we can’t comment enough on how grateful we were to be working with Elizabeth, who worked hard to provide exactly the experience that we had hoped for. In a world where lots of wedding vendors are flaky, Elizabeth’s quick responses and eagerness to work with us was extremely refreshing. She made sure that the evening was paced the way we wanted it (consistently high energy), gave us as much control as we wanted over choosing the song list (which is incredibly varied, although we featured a lot of Motown — had to take advantage of the great vocals and the sweet horn section!), and ensured that the band played a couple of songs not on the song list that we really wanted.

In our experience, the music is one of the few things that people remember about a wedding. Thanks to Ariel, we know that all of our guests will have great memories when they think back on our special day.
Ariel Music and Events responded with the following comments:
Thank you for your wonderful review! We had a great time performing for your wedding at The NY Botanical Gardens. It’s such a great space!
Your song selections and fun-loving crowd made for a great night. Congratulations on a fantastic wedding celebration!

Bride: Emily

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsAmazing!
We were thrilled with Ariel at our wedding. Everything we asked for and more was played. Elizabeth and all the band members were wonderful. Elizabeth was great in preparing for the wedding too. She made everything very simple and easy. She was great to talk to, and we were confident that the band would be entertaining and fun. I would highly recommend them for any big event. Pricing was very reasonable. Every one of our guests commented about how wonderful they were, which made us really happy!
Ariel Music and Events responded with the following comments:
Thank you, Francesca! Your wedding was LOTS of fun. You put a lot of love and care into your planning and it made for a great night with lots of personal touches. Congratulations to you and Anthony!!

Bride: Francesca

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsWOW!!!! The music was FANTASTIC!!!
My husband and I hosted our daughter’s wedding and Ariel Entertainment was our band. I have been to many beautiful weddings but I have NEVER heard a band as good as Ariel. We had 140 guests and virtually everyone was up on the dance floor. Our guests raved about the band after the wedding. Ariel played a great mixture of songs to appeal to all ages. Elizabeth put a great deal of time into gathering the info she needed from bride, groom and me in order to give us the mix of music we wanted. Her musicians and singers are just tops. We could not have been happier. In our opinion, you couldn’t find a better band than Ariel for your own wedding.
Ariel Music and Events responded with the following comments:
It’s true. Your daughter’s wedding was flawless. We were so happy to be a part of everything from the piano and flute for your ceremony to the jazz trio at cocktail hour to the 9 piece band for the reception. The planning was superb. It was a pleasure to work with you on all the details. I am thrilled with how well everything turned out!!

Bride: Andrea

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsWe love this band!
They made our wedding so much fun. All our guests still can’t believe how great the band was and how much fun they had on the dance floor. Elizabeth Greene, the band leader, is so incredibly professional and responsive. She was really great to deal with and kept us on track from a planning perspective. She really knows how to keep the evening flowing at the proper pace and is an absolute pleasure to work with. This band takes the time to really understand what you are looking for in terms of the tone for the wedding and they execute flawlessly. We initially hired Ariel with 8 piece band and then we added an extra singer and trumpet player and they rocked! They were all so amazing and had such a great range of music including really current and fun pop songs. They are constantly updating their song list to include the latest hits which is very impressive and they have a great range of all types of music from all decades. I loved how much input we had into the song list that was played at the wedding and their interaction with our crowd. They played our wedding song fabulously and it is not really a popular wedding song so I was really impressed with how they performed it. Also, talk about getting the crowd up and on the dance floor, this band had all our guests on the dance floor with the first song of the night and they never left the dance floor. It was so amazing. Ariel really brings the fun to the wedding and the talent is top notch. They also played during our cocktail hour which was lovely. This band is very talented and knows how to entertain! I couldn’t be happier with our selection. Also I thought their pricing was very reasonable considering the level of talent and the size of the band compared to other bands we looked at, a true value in my opinion. Definitely check them out if you are looking for a great band!

Bride: Laurie

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsWe hired ARIEL for our son’s wedding after hearing them at a friend’s wedding.
They were absolutely FANTASTIC!! From the ceremony music to the very last dance at the reception, they were outstanding! All the band members are extremely talented musicians and consummate professionals in every way. Also, it was a pleasure dealing with Elizabeth Green, the band leader. She was responsive to our every wish to ensure that my son and his bride had the wedding of their dreams! If you are searching for a really exceptional band to make your wedding the event of the year…look no further, the clear choice is ARIEL !!

Bride: Anonymous
Wedding: 1+ year ago

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsI cannot say enough good things about Elizabeth and her band.
They are an amazing band, plus they were great at managing time at our wedding. They made our wedding so much fun! People are still talking about how great our band was. Also, their rates are not too bad at all! Great investment.

Bride: Petunie

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsAriel ROCKED THE HOUSE!
We had our wedding at the Crest Hollow Country Club on an absolutely beautiful Saturday evening in June and they provided us with excellent entertainment for our guests. Elizabeth, the band leader, worked with us prior to our wedding to make sure every little detail was perfect and made the time to chat with us on a number of occasions prior to the event. She was able to learn a few songs for us, which was also very nice (one even in Italian) and fulfilled her promise to make our wedding a happy, upbeat party. Our guests were also very impressed and have asked about them for their weddings. We also appreciated Elizabeth’s willingness to help us with coming up with different songs for each part of our wedding (Mom/Groom dance, our dance, etc.) and helped piece together a very cohesive order to the night, given we had a few special parts to our wedding.

Bride: Anonymous
Wedding: 1+ year ago

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsMy wife and I were absolutely thrilled with the performance that Ariel gave at our wedding!
We had the reception on a Yacht that cruised around Manhattan. We were concerned with the logistics involved with a live band playing on different decks at different points of the evening, but Ariel went out of their way to coordinate everything in advance to deliver flawless performances the entire time!

Also – the flexibility of their music stylings was wonderful. My wife and I were very particular about what we wanted played and worked very closely with the band leader (Elizabeth) on the setlist. While they can perform music from all different eras, we mainly wanted dance music from the last few years. Ariel was able to perform live and professional renditions of VERY current hits like “Empire State of Mind”, “On the Floor”, “Tik-Tok”, “Just Dance” and many more. Our guests were blown away with how current and fresh Ariel keeps themselves! No other band’s showcase we saw was able to compare.

Stop shopping around! Go to one of Ariel Music & Events showcases, see how great they are for yourselves, and book them for your wedding today!

Bride and Groom: Kelly and Brian

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsWhat a band!
Elizabeth and her team gave us an unforgettable day. People still haven’t stopped talking about how awesome Ariel was for our big day. The flute and keyboard was beautiful during our ceremony, just what I had imagined. The band really listened to our request not to overpower conversation during dinner and crank it up after the main course. EVERYONE was on the dance floor. It was amazing and what you always hope will happen when you’re planning the day. What great voices and perfect renditions of the songs. I will always remember the songs I danced to with my family and friends on our special day. We gave Ariel quite a challenge with our song and Elizabeth told me that they had practiced it a lot, but it wasn’t where she wanted it to be. We went with the recorded version (that they had edited for us- wonderful) and I was so appreciative of her honesty. We had a few hiccups in the planning but worked through the issues with Elizabeth to find a solution for both parties. While Ariel was more than we had originally budgeted for our band, we now know it was worth it- they really made the party! Thank you to Elizabeth and Ariel for making our day not just memorable for us, but for our guests as well.

Bride: Tracy

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsWe had an 8-piece band for our reception (3 vocalists, keyboard, drums, bass, guitar, and saxophone), and they played the whole range of music from ballads to motown to pop dance FLAWLESSLY.
But, the performance only was the icing on the cake. Well before the date, Elizabeth responded IMMEDIATELY with poise and helpfulness to a multitude of requests–from a special reception entrance song to a incorporating a special family sing a long (yes–it was a unique request) in the reception… and lots of other small details that made the wedding celebration uniquely ours.

She and the other vocalists did a costume change that made things extra special, and the motown set just blew us all away.

My LARGE extended family commented on how GREAT the band was–how well they timed stuff/ how they got people dancing/ how flawless and professional the sound was (none of the out of key or slightly off rhythym or weirdness I’ve heard with other places). And everyone danced–all three generations of us, including my husband’s fairly reserved parents, an accomplishment. More than one person said that the wedding celebration was one of the best they had ever gone to.

On top of this, the price was perfect for our budget and a bargain for an element of the celebration that, in my opinion, with the food and open bar, makes or breaks the party. Thank you for making our night memorable and for making us leave the celebration worry free and happy that everyone had as good a time as we did.

I would not have created this account and given such a glowing review if you did not deserve it!

Bride: Grace

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsThis band is beyond fantastic.
They blew the roof off at our wedding; I have never seen so much energy in one room at a time, people were on the dance floor non-stop, which is exactly what we wanted! The vocalists were all stellar, and were individually fantastic, but together there was just amazing charisma. They had costume changes too, that really gave an extra something special to the evening.

My husband and I planned very closely with the band leader-we discussed which genre of songs to be played at which times throughout the evening, which is pretty normal, but even our wedding planner was impressed with how specific they were about timing details between meals.

At the last minute, literally a week before the wedding, we decided to have an after party. I asked the band if they could also DJ, and without batting an eye lash, they did. They asked for songs that we’d like to play, and had absolutely everything we wanted. I’m thrilled that I got them for the extra time.

Everybody commented about the band, and rightfully so!

Yay Ariel Music & Events!

Bride: Anne

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsIt is easy to see (and hear) why Ariel Music & Events is the very best.
We had our wedding at Highlawn Pavilion on June and started searching for music options 3-4 months before. We met with several bands but Ariel was the clear choice to go. From the very start, Elizabeth showed professionalism, understanding and interest in our wedding. We attended one of Ariel’s showcases and booked Ariel the next day. Elizabeth was very responsive in working with us to plan our reception. Which brings us to our wedding day. Everyone was blown away by their talent. Their singing lineup has got to be the BEST out there (no joke, some of their renditions are better than the originals). The whole band brings energy and sounds amazing live. Ariel did a good job of playing a mix of music and making sure to play some songs we requested. I thought this was a cliche, but guests really were coming up to us and telling us how fantastic the band sounded. Ariel was a crucial part in making our wedding a success. We would highly recommend Ariel.

Bride: Anonymous

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsAriel is great!
They were a sensational wedding band. Elizabeth and the band was very flexible and even learned one of my favorite Jewish parody songs to sing during the hora. We also sent them a song to learn for our first dance and they learned it without any complaint. They are very accommodating. They were easy to work with and a real hit at the wedding. No one believed that I found them on the internet. Ariel is fantastic!

Bride: Marnina

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsAriel played at my wedding reception and they were amazing!!!
Our guests have not stopped raving about how great the band was. Ariel had my guests on the dance floor all night and played a great mix of music to keep everyone happy. They are very talented and created such a great atmosphere for our wedding. They were also willing to accommodate all of our special song requests. Elizabeth was wonderful to work with – she is responsive and helpful and truly loves what she does.

Bride: Suzanne

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsWords cannot express what an amazing job Ariel did at our wedding.
I cannot think of ever experiencing an evening more perfect, and your band was a main piece of the puzzle. From your seamless breaks, to your Korean songs, to your overwhelming professionalism in the face of an ever-evolving evening of music, Christina and I could not have envisioned entertainment that was more perfect. Thank you for an absolutely unforgettable night!

Groom: Bob

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsThe band was just amazing..
They kept the whole crowd dancing on their feet until the reception ended.. They were flexible to adjust the type of music depending on the response. It was a good mix of current hits and the not-so contemporary ones and everyone was able to relate to their music. Highly recommended!

Groom: JediMaster01

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsARIEL was PHENOMENAL!!!
From planning to the actual wedding day, Elizabeth was extremely helpful. Since my bridal entourage was HUGE, and also names were really HARD to pronounce (most are foreign names), she made sure she had the right pronunciation of the entourage! And the guests were amazed that she got them right!

ALL the songs they have played were great!!! EVERYBODY enjoyed every second of their performance. Many have commented that our band was the BEST BAND that they have ever heard at a wedding!!! And my husband and I totally AGREE!!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH Elizabeth! And please extend my appreciation to all the members of ARIEL!!! YOU GUYS WERE ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!

P.S. Elizabeth, you are really a pleasure to work with. You listened to all my recommendations, from the songs to the timeline. Thank you once again! =)

Bride: Maepots

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsAriel did an amazing job at our wedding!
They kept everyone of all ages dancing all night and played all of the songs we wanted. They were extremely professional and were always quick to answer any questions. My husband ended up performing a surprise song with Ariel and it was perfect. Choosing Ariel was one of our absolute best wedding decisions!

Bride: Adriele

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsThey were off the hook amazing!
We were married October and hired Ariel Music & Events for our wedding band. Extremely easy to work with. Elizabeth Greene, the manager is great to work with, makes everything so simple for you and caters to your every need. They really worked with our budget and accomadated all the songs we wanted to hear. Not only were they the songs we wanted to hear, but we felt like we were at a concert. Everyone danced all night, it was the best night of our lives and Ariel Entertaiment made it even more special then we could ever imagine. Special thanks for learing Dodi Li a hebrew song, which is not their language and they sang so beautifully as I walked down the aisle. In addition super special thanks for learning Starlight, by Muse for our first dance. Every single member of the band is extremeley talented and they are worth every single penny. I am still getting phone calls telling me how amazing our band was. Thank you for making our wedding so special!!

Bride: Dashapir

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsAriel was spectacular!!
Elizabeth and the rest of the band members were so professional and easy to work with. They made our reception incredible and many of our guests came up to us and said that they were the BEST wedding band they have EVER seen. I cannot say enough positive things about Ariel and I would recommend them to anyone who is considering a band for their wedding day!!

Bride: Bttrflyk4

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsThey are amazing!
My guests couldn’t stop saying how great they are!!!

Bride: Mluw

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsWe booked Ariel for our wedding and they were amazing!
I seriously can’t say enough about how great the band is. Kevin learned our first dance song and it sounded wonderful. THe band had people dancing all night long. People didn’t sit down! Our reception was on the hot side because the AC wasn’t working that great and people didn’t care, they just kept on dancing. The members can sing everything from motown to hip hop with such ease. They are worth every penny and made our wedding memorable and fun! Definitely book them.

Bride: Anonymous

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsAriel Music & Events, Elizabeth and the members of the band are amazing!
We had the BEST time at our wedding and the music made the party! Ariel was recommended to me by a friend who attended a wedding where they performed. She said they were terrific and urged me to look into booking them for our wedding. I have to say I was blown away. They exceeded all expectations. Everyone was on the dance floor the entire night and asking for more at the end. These guys will give you an amazing experience!

Bride: sec342002

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsOur caterer and coordinator recommended Ariel Music & Events to us, and we could not have been happier!
They MADE our wedding for us, and I’m not exaggerating.
We had 200 people in a tent at a private estate in Connecticut. The band’s crew came to set up very early, they provided cocktail music and the party band Ariel. Elizabeth from the company coordinates all the bands personally – you can email her or call her at any hour and she is always attentive, professional, and knows what she’s doing. The band was incredible – each musician an artist, the singers were GREAT, and I swear, I’d never have thought that a wedding band could go from Nat King Cole, to the Stones, to U2, to Lady Gaga in one set, but they did and everything was amazing. We had the time of our lives because of this band. They’re wonderful – hire them – they are worth every penny. There are only two things you need for a great wedding, alcohol, and a killer band – these guys will get you 50% of the way there.

Bride: nofussbrideK2

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsAriel was the absolutely perfect band for my wedding!
The only direction I provided them was that I wanted my guests on the dance floor all night long! Ariel did just that! They played music for everybody, and for every age group. The compliments I received from my guests on the band choice ranged from everything to: “They played every song so well, it sounded like the CD!” and “There were times where I would go to sit down, and I’d get right back up again”. I would recommend Ariel to any bride for a wedding celebration!

Bride: Thasia

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsThey loved Ariel Music & Events!
My husband and I enjoyed planning our wedding with them as they were so happy to make suggestions and even performed our song before one of their showcases for us to hear. The lights were fabulous and really made the band special. They were super professional, friendly, knowledgeable, prompt to emails, incredibly talented. We particularly liked the fact that 5 of the members performed various songs giving a real variety and depth to the songs performed. It was like having 5 lead singers! We were thrilled and would recommend them wholeheartedly!

Bride: Terri

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsWOW!!!! OUTSTANDING, FABULOUS, TALENTED…
every single song… this group made our wedding reception!!! We had such an incredible, partying time – their sound is truly amazing. Working with Elizabeth, a breeze… whatever we wanted, she and the band delivered. The vocalists were so pure – Everyone kept commenting on just how FABULOUS the band was – some thinking it was a DJ playing the songs – their sound is so TRUE!!! We only wish we had another celebration to hire them for!!!

Bride: Regina

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsWe had Ariel at our wedding and they were amazing!
We had so many guests compliment us on our choice and the dance floor was packed all night. They learned a song that is special to us for our first dance and they played it perfectly. I would highly recommend them for your party as they exceeded our expectations and helped to make our night perfect!

Bride: Reneemarie

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsExcellent choice for a wedding band.
Our guests loved the variety in their performance. Elizabeth was great to deal with and helped us perfectly place our song choices. They were flexible with last minute changes. They have a great collective energy and get the guests dancing.

Bride: August Bride

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsWe were so thrilled to have Ariel for our wedding!
Your professionalism and performance exceeded our expectations throughout the planning process and on our wedding day!

Thank you, Elizabeth, for your patience with us as we negotiated and planned every detail. You made the whole process easy and really stress-free. I appreciate your willingness to let us have the freedom to make our own announcements and introductions. The evening was also flawless in terms of your timing and accommodating any last minute delays, etc.

We were really blown away by Kevin and the Band’s performance of our wedding song, So In Love, and the other special parent songs. We were amazed by the Band’s ability to get everyone dancing- some people that hadn’t danced for 30 or more years were grooving all night long….and my grandpa danced to the more contemporary hip hop songs with me and my cousins….that is a miracle!

We would be happy to provide a reference for anyone who is contemplating booking the band as we were. We could not have been more pleased with Ariel. We wish we could do it all over again!

Thank you so much,

Becca and Brandon Keehn

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsThe dance floor was packed all night, and our guests kept coming up to us saying how great the band was…
The ceremony musicians learned how to play an instrumental version of Coldplay’s “Yellow” which was beautiful. Akua’s voice was AMAZING during our first dance to Alicia Keys “No One”. Elizabeth was attentive and catered to our musical choices.

Overall a great band who look like they are having a great time while performing.

Bride: Lisa

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsAriel Music & Events was such a pleasure to work with!
The music was so great it really made the party. Prior to the wedding, Elizabeth coordinated all the music with me and she was so great to work with. The band even learned 2 songs for us which was really great and everyone at the wedding raved about the music!

Bride: Michele

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsWhat can I say… Ariel made the wedding!
They are great, and very flexible. We did not want a formal wedding and Ariel understood our requests, and made the day even special. My guests had a great time, and so did we.
My husband talked about them since we met, so we already knew the band we would get in case we have got married.
Highly recommended. Book it now!

Bride: Acelina

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsThe BEST wedding band EVER!!!!!!!
I’m at a loss for words… I loved them SO much! Elizabeth was amazing throughout the entire experience. They learned 2 songs that weren’t on the song list. This band is made up of the most talented musicians! I think we had 11 pieces… we just had to have them all!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!! I think I went to 3 showcases after we booked them just because I was obsessed! I listen to their demo cd all the time! I would pay money to see them play. They are on a whole different level… not your typical wedding band!

Ariel Music and Events responded with the following comments:
Thank you Rebecca and Massimo! It was wonderful to see you at so many of our showcases. I loved having you in the audience, watching you almost bounce out of your seat with excitement!

Bonnet Island Estate was magical. I absolutely loved the setting and the understated elegance of the building. Your wedding was as perfect as any we have ever had the good fortune to perform at.

Bride and Groom: Rebecca and Massimo

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsI had a great experience with Ariel Music & Events.
I used their services for both our ceremony and reception, and they were fantastic. For the ceremony, we wanted very traditional Jewish music and they were perfect. Our cocktail hour had more jazzy music, and we had a full nine piece band for the reception. They are extremely versatile and able to move from traditional music to standards to more modern music, and all of it was great. We had an afternoon wedding and I was concerned we wouldn’t have a lot of people on the dance floor, but they were so upbeat, they kept people dancing all day.

They are also very accommodating of special requests. My uncle wanted to sing us a song and, while the band didn’t know the song, they were willing to learn the music and allowed him to perform with them. It was really a highlight our our day.

Elizabeth was a pleasure to work with – very professional and responsive, and it was a very smooth process. I would recommend Ariel to any bride!
Ariel Music and Events responded with the following comments:
HI Jessica and Adam! Ariel was so pleased to be a part of your special day. Your wedding reception at The Crystal Plaza was so beautiful, from start to finish. We loved backing up your uncle when he sang, “Some Enchanted Evening”. He sounded great and the moment was very moving!

Bride and Groom: Jessica and Adam.

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsAriel was great!
Really great sound and the music kept the people partying. As my brother-in-law said, wedding bands have only one currency, did they keep people on the floor? Well the floor was packed. Fun, fun songs. They also played for me as I surprised my husband and sang for him and let my brother-in-law, a professional drummer, sit in for a song. They were exactly what I wanted.
Ariel Music and Events responded with the following comments:
Thank you Gretchen and Matt! It was really fun to plan your wedding with you, with all of its special touches. I loved the setting at West Park Wine Cellars. It made for such an unusual and beautiful atmosphere. It was a moving moment when you sang, “Come Rain or Come Shine” with the band. You sounded great! I hope we can take a yoga class together one day!

Matt and Gretchen’s Wedding

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsAMAZING BAND!!
My guests never sat down..never a dull moment! I worked with Elizabeth and we coordinated song after song. She created versions of songs for special dedications, and even brought along a study that sang one of my favorite new songs by Colby Caillat!!! Easy to work with – so flexible. All this band wanted to do was make sure that I was happy…job well done!!! Recently nominated as best band on!

Ariel Music and Events responded with the following comments:
Thank you Melissa and Adam! Your wedding was non-stop fun. The spectacular stage and ballroom at The Carraige House created an impressive setting for a beautiful wedding.

Bride: mswmissy6

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsOur guitarist was excellent.
Ariel Music & Events was a pleasure to deal with!

Ariel Music and Events responded with the following comments:
Thank you Arlene and Robert! We’re glad that you enjoyed the classical guitarist that we provided for your wedding ceremony. It was a lovely choice that made your ceremony elegant and unique!

Arlene and Robert’s wedding
Wedding: 02/17/2008

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsThis is the best wedding band! Period! Book them soon!
They MADE our wedding. Great song list, musicians and vocalists. My uncle wrote a song for our wedding that the band learned on the SPOT and played it like they had been playing it for years. They learned several special songs for us ahead of time and just made it so much fun. Highly reccomended!

Bride: Cmm2126

Weddingwire 5 star ratingsAriel was amazing.
My husband insisted on going to their showcase when I was already set on another band. Well, after seeing them live I dropped the other band and booked with them. They learned songs for us for our parent dances and the entire dance floor was packed all night. At one point when they sang “At Last” by Etta James, and my guests were in tears because how amazing it was sung. See them live to get the full effect!!!!

Bride: Colleen

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