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How many musicians perform with Ariel?

Ariel is available with as many as twelve or more musicians with an eight band member minimum for a Saturday night event. Your band’s size should be based upon the size of the room where your affair will take place, the kind of music you would like the band to play, the number of guests that will be attending and your budget. We take all these factors into consideration before recommending the optimum number of musicians for your event.

Will the musicians that I hire be the same musicians who perform at my party?

Ariel is a “set group”, which means that the same musicians appear at all of Ariel’s performances. This insures that the band sounds “tight” and well-rehearsed, unlike most agency bands which are assembled from a stable of available musicians. Ariel’s band members are all full-time career musicians with extensive experience, training and credits in the music business. They were carefully chosen for their talent, dedication to their craft, discipline, reliability and their evident joy in performing live music.

The ages of our guests will vary considerably. Can your band play all types of music?

Choosing the right music is essential as you plan your special event. Ariel’s unsurpassed versatility allows you to choose from a vast array of songs spanning the swing era through today’s current hits. Our clients let us know what music they prefer by selecting their favorite songs from our song list, thereby creating their partys unique repertoire. Our song list is constantly being updated as we regularly add great songs, both old and new. Also check out Elizabeth’s article, “Choosing Wedding Reception Music: Bridging The Generation Gap“, which includes more tips and advice on selecting wedding music.

Will the band learn a special song for me?

If you don’t see your special song on our song list, just let us know and we will learn it for you. We ask you to provide us with four weeks notice, a CD or mp3 of your song and sheet music, if it is available. We highly recommend the following websites for finding & purchasing sheet music online:


Ariel will perform your song with the quality that you would expect from the original artists. Our band features 6 lead vocalists which gives us great versatility and allows us to cover an extensive range of musical styles with authenticity.

What kind of music will be played during dinner?

Our band’s breaks always coincide with the service of the various food courses. You can choose to have pre-recorded music played or our small ensembles can provide live background music while your guests enjoy their food.  For a more detailed description of the way breaks work, please read, “About Breaks”.

Will the band perform at a volume that is comfortable for me and for my guests?

It is important that the band’s volume should not interfere with the guests’ ability to talk at their tables and their enjoyment of the party. We come with top-of-the-line sound reinforcement and two sound technicians to insure the room is being filled with the correct amount of volume, high quality audio and a balanced EQ.

It is Ariel’s commitment and promise to perform at a volume that is comfortable for our audience. Our clients include numerous exclusive catering halls and country clubs who recommend Ariel based upon our consistent ability to perform with elegance, versatility and energy at a volume which allows conversation to go on easily.

Where can I find a list of venues where you have performed?

Simply follow the links below.
New York Venue Listing
New Jersey Venue Listing
Connecticut Venue Listing

Can you offer me any additional advice as I plan my event?

Absolutely! Be sure to check out the planning section of our website to learn more. We also offer event planning services at an hourly rate, and “day of” services at a daily rate.  Let our many years of working with clients at special events ensure that your day is well organized and stress-free!

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